Did you know that part of the inspiration for TRICA was born 37 years ago in New York City?  In 1976, Jacques d’Amboise, a New York City Ballet principal dancer, created National Dance Institute (NDI)– an award-winning, in-school dance instruction program that has changed the face of arts education for many children.  TRICA is modeled after his program, and is a member of Associates of National Dance Institute (ANDI), a collective of such educational programs across the country.

TRICA began delivering quality dance programming in 1996, and in 2004, founder Jon Swarthout attended an NDI Teacher Training.  As part of the workshop, Jon absorbed many of the NDI teaching techniques and added them to his already outstanding repertoire.  The result is the magic found today in every TRICA class.

NDI’s pedagogy is definitive, unique, relationship-based and accessible to all.  It starts with extraordinary teaching artists, individuals who teach in the moment and see the energy and ability of every child.  Techniques such as turning the room, peer teaching, and “first I go, then you go”, are some of the best practices taught and shared in class. Teachers give their professional and personal best, and they create a safe space, a community of trust and mutual respect. Every dance step challenges, every move harnesses the human desire to play.  The result is pride in the team and in oneself, and a personal standard of excellence

ANDI strengthens associate organizations by providing a forum for members to share best practices, maintain standards of excellence and promote the growth of community arts education programs for children. ANDI programs can be found in other parts of the US, such as Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, and California, as well as internationally in Shanghai, China.  The association aims to create marketing videos, logos, and other materials to share among members, sharing costs and enabling efficient use of resources.  Programs successfully done in any location may be able to be replicated in another, which helps to bring variety and excellence to everyone involved.

TRICA personally benefits from this allegiance in that Jacques d’Amboise is a member of the Board, donating regularly to support TRICA as well as lending advice on growth and sustainability.  He has been an outstanding role model for Founder Jon Swarthout, who admired Jacques’s love of children and ability to push the envelope in program development.  Under Jacques’s mentorship, Jon has been able to expand and improve TRICA’s children’s art offerings in the Treasure Valley.  TRICA is proud to be associated with such a high quality national organization.